No, the real Windsor villain is none other than the holier-than-thou Prince Philip. 15. It includes an early set of variations by none other than Ludwig van Beethoven, the program's one big name.


Similar words: other than , none other than , rather than , tooth and nail , no fewer than , no sooner than , fight tooth and nail , know better than . Random good picture Not show. (1) They could do no other than accede to the demands of the victors. (2) It was no other than my mother.

How do you use no other in a sentence? What are synonyms for no other? What's the definition of Like no other in thesaurus? Most related words/phrases with sentence examples define Like no other meaning and usage.

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If today's rates do not change, what will the population of developing nations be in 2050? none other than. That very person or thing, the same as. For example, In the elevator I ran into none other than the woman we'd been talking about, or It turned out to be none other than Jim in a clown costume. [Late 1800s] See also: none, other.

Correct Answer: No other. Why we rejected option 2? Definition of NO OTHER in the dictionary.

• He insists the designs have no grand meaning, other than that they appealed to his eye. • Its components are none other than the economic, political, military, royal, and bureaucratic branches of the social order. • You can also create mailboxes other than the simple in and out trays and mark them in however you want.

Are both correct and the same in meaning? I see A more often than B, but strictly, A seems to have a contradiction in that it's one of Tom's choices to obey the decision. Is A really OK? None other than definition is - —used to show that one is surprised or impressed by the person or thing one is about to mention. How to use none other than in a sentence.

Translations in context of "no other than" in English-Spanish from Reverso Context: 24 May 2018 According to NBC, the FBI informant on Russian interference in the US Presidential electoral election is no other than Stefan Halper.

♦ none/no other than phrase PHR n (emphasis) He called together all his employees and announced that the manager was none other than his son. 2021-04-22 · You use none other than and no other than to emphasize the name of a person or thing when something about that person or thing is surprising in a particular situation . It is based on an incident involving none other than Sir Arthur Conan Doyle. COBUILD Advanced English Dictionary.

No other than meaning

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No other than meaning

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adj. 1. a.
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there is no other means. from inspiring English sources. There is no other means of accounting for Crandall's insistence that the original "Crawling Hand" ranks as "one of the finest films ever made," when a judicious assessment places it one small step up from the work of Ed Wood.

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