Bioskrivartillverkaren Cellink släpper nu nya serien BIO MDX. Enligt bolaget är detta nästa generations bioskrivare som är utformade för biofabricering med hög kapacitet och precisionsbaserad 3d-printing för biomedicinsk tillverkning, vilket omfattar biokompatibla medicintekniska produkter.


Grundarna Erik Gatenholm och Hector Martinez kontrollerade drygt 67 procent av bolaget innan noteringen, skriver sajten Breakit. Det betyder att deras andel av bolaget nu är värd drygt 130 Mkr. Bland övriga ägare märks finansmannen Carl Bennet samt riskkapitalbolagen Fore C och GU Ventures, som ägde 9,6 procent respektive 3 procent och 1 procent av bolaget inför noteringen.

2019-08-05 CELLINK launches the BIO MDX Series , a scaled-up revolution in biomedical manufacturing Mon, Mar 15, 2021 14:30 CET. CELLINK has announced the launch of the BIO MDX™ Series, the next generation of bioprinters designed for high-throughput biofabrication and precision 3D bioprinting for biomedical manufacturing, including biocompatible medical devices. Cellink AB är ett svenskt företag inom medicinteknik. Företaget utvecklar och säljer biobläck och skrivare för biobläck för additiv tillverkning (3D-bioskrivning) av celler för vävnadsrekonstruktion.. Cellink grundades 2016 i Göteborg av Erik Gatenholm (född 1989) och Hector Martinez (född 1985).

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In just four years of existence, the company has been able to commercialize products used in more than 700 labs and […] 3DPOD Episode 49: Bioprinting with CELLINK Founder Dr. Hector Martinez On this episode of the 3DPOD, we go into bioprinting. With us is Hector Martinez, the CTO and a co-founder of CELLINK (CLLKF). CELLINK is a bioprinting rocket ship which… The post 3DPOD Episode… View the entire article via our website. In 2015, realising that it was impossible to purchase bioink for 3D bioprinting, Erik Gatenholm and Hector Martinez set out to create a universal bioink that could be used by anyone working in bioprinting. CELLINK AB has today been informed by Erik Gatenholm (CEO) and Héctor Martinez (CTO) that they have sold B-shares in CELLINK to Gusten Danielsson (CFO) in connection with Gusten Danielsson having redeemed a call option issued by the two first mentioned founders in connection with the formation of the company. Founder of Cellink AB, Hector Daniel Martinez Avila presently is Director & Chief Technology Officer at this company. He received a doctorate and a graduate degree from Chalmers University of Technology and an undergraduate degree from The University of Texas at Arlington.

That milestone was the first of many along the company’s journey to become the world’s leading bioprinting company; they currently have systems to optimize cell-based applications for more than 1,000 scientists across more than 55 countries.

STOCKHOLM, March 15, 2021 /PRNewswire/ -- CELLINK has announced the launch of the BIO MDX™ Series, the next generation of bioprinters designed for high-throughput biofabrication and precision 3D bioprinting for biomedical manufacturing, including biocompatible medical devices. Over the past 5 years, as bioprinting has increasingly become the method of choice for researchers in tissue

”His appointment to our Scientific Advisory Board is part of CELLINK's strategy to  with the BIO-X system”, says Dr Héctor Martinez, co-founder and CTO of CELLINK, underlining the benefits. With the triple printhead technology of BIO-X you can  Company profile page for CELLINK AB including stock price, company news, press CELLINK AB is a biotechnology company. Hector Martinez PhD. 14 Dec 2018 Hector Martinez.

Dr. Héctor Martínez, CTO. The granted patent strengthens the company's protection for intellectual properties and complements a full portfolio 

Cellink AB. 072-251 51 Visa nummer.

Hector martinez cellink

Tags: Hector Martinez. Cellink släpper nästa generations bioskrivare. Anja Degerholm | 16. mars, 2021. Bioskrivartillverkaren Cellink släpper nu nya serien BIO MDX. Cellink är ett bioteknikbolag. Bolaget har utvecklat 3D bioskrivare som möjliggör en utveckling och produktion av mänsklig vävnad.
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Hector martinez cellink

técnico en Aires acondicionados y refrigeración en general Héctor Javier Martínez Maldonado (born September 1, 1968) is a former Puerto Rican politician, attorney and former senator of Puerto Rico.He served as senator of the District of Carolina from 2004 until 2011. Martínez was convicted of bribery by a federal jury on March 8, 2011 and is currently serving a four-year federal prison sentence after he resigned his seat on March 12, 2011. Share your videos with friends, family, and the world Our scientists at CELLINK develop novel, cell-specific bioinks for 3D bioprinting of human tissues, such as cartilage, skin and bone. We have also developed the world's most cost-effective and true benchtop 3D bioprinter, the INKREDIBLE+, for scientist interested in joining the 3D bioprinting field and to start bioprinting living tissues at ease. Hector Martinez CTO. Född 1985.

KapitalErik Gatenholm och Hector Martinez hade tagit fram världens  CELLINK has been granted a patent for its unique intelligent printhead bioprinting technology Cellink är ett bioteknikbolag.
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Hector Martínez, Chief Technology Officer, CELLINK. Héctor Martínez, CTO and co-founder of CELLINK, received his doctorate in Cartilage Tissue Engineering 

Nyheter (9); Media (0); Event (0). Erik Gatenholm, grundare Cellink. Foto: Björn Larsson Rosvall/Exponera. 20 Maj 2020 10:00  21 May 2017 Hector Martinez (left), co-founder of Cellink, teaches Virginia Tech researchers Megan Cox, Ishan Goswami and Nastaran Alinezhad how to  Paul Gatenholm, Hector Martinez, Erdem Karabulut,. Matteo Amoroso, Lars Kölby , Kajsa Markstedt, CELLINK AB, Göteborg, Sweden e-mail: Cellink.