For example, in a HashMap the HashMap.get (java.lang.Object) method returns null if the Map contains null or if there is no matching key. The Null placeholder can be used to distinguish between these two cases. Another example is Hashtable, where null cannot be stored. This instance is Serializable.


Syftet är alltså inte att fullständigt täcka JavaDoc, utan att ta upp de väsentligaste @return True if Object equal to Pair, otherwise false.

Source Files. The Javadoc tool can generate output originating from four different types of "source" files: Source code files for Java classes (.java) - these contain class, interface, field, constructor and method comments. s - a String object representing a date in in the format "yyyy-[m]m-[d]d". The leading zero for mm and dd may also be omitted.

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84: */ 85: // This could be implicit, but then javadoc would not document it! Method Summary. Methods inherited from class java.util.EventObject. getSource, toString. Methods inherited from class java.lang.Object. clone, equals, finalize  av B Johansson · 2005 — javadocs interna AST-modell för att representera de klasser som förekommer vid @see java.lang.Object.

Log4j 1.2 will never produce Category objects but only   Properties can be accessed by name, property index, or using the property meta object itself.

h) Write a javadoc header for the answer you wrote for Question A1(d) on the previous page. (2 marks). Swinburne University of Technology. Faculty of ICT.

clone, equals, finalize, getClass, hashCode, notify, notifyAll, toString, wait, wait, wait  Köp Object-Oriented Design & Patterns (9780471744870) av Cay Horstmann på It introduces programming tools such as BlueJ, javadoc, and JUnit. För mer detaljerad information om stil och konventioner för Javadoc, se här: Hur man skillnad mellan Object.create (Object.prototype), Object.create (Object.

Syftet är alltså inte att fullständigt täcka JavaDoc, utan att ta upp de väsentligaste @return True if Object equal to Pair, otherwise false.

Method for accessing value of the specified field of an object node.

Object javadoc

Since: a - an object b - an object to be compared with a for deep equality Returns: true if the arguments are deeply equal to each other and false otherwise See Also: Arrays.deepEquals(Object[], Object[]), equals(Object, Object) hashCode public static int hashCode(Object o) Close add a comment. |. 6.
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Object javadoc

Intermediate; 2h 47m; Released: Feb 06, 2018.

Creates a matcher that matches when the examined object is an instance of the specified type , as determined by calling the Class.isInstance(Object) method on   23 Nov 2015 The values can be any of these types: Boolean , JSONArray , JSONObject , Number , String , or the JSONObject.NULL object. A JSONObject  During build initialisation, Gradle assembles a Project object for each project which is to participate in the build, as follows See example in javadoc for getAnt(). The getRGB() and setRGB() methods use a 32-bit int to encode the color, thereby avoiding the need to create temporary Color objects. The red (R), green (G), and   GenericJson.

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Diagram objekt som stödsSupported Graph Objects. TinkerPop är en standard som omfattar en mängd olika diagramtekniker.TinkerPop is a 

Consider using a standard Java string and storing it with the PropertyContainer.setUnindexedProperty(java.lang.String, java.lang.Object) method instead. Template for creating an external link into the Javadoc for a class in the current version of the Java SE API. This template should be used instead of an explicit URL to allow the link to be automatically updated to the latest API when this template is updated. Active Objects is implemented as a plugin into Atlassian applications. It enables easier, faster, and more scalable data access and storage than the existing Bandana and PluginSettings APIs. The goal of the Active Objects plugin is to provide a plugin data storage component that plugins can and should use to persist their private data. See JavaDoc Reference Page q = cb.createQuery createQuery(resultClass) CriteriaBuilder's method Create a CriteriaQuery object with the specified result type. See JavaDoc Reference Page (Object[].class); Root javax.persistence.criteria.Root JPA interface A root type in the from clause.