Nini Name Meaning is in indonesian meaning is old woman. Nini is a Muslim Girl name and has arabic origin. Find Nini multiple name meanings and name pronunciation in English, Arabic and Urdu. The lucky number of Nini name is 3 and also find similar names.


is a sweet,loyal,beautiful,wordy,real and valuable person! Dam i wish i had a girlfriend/best friend like her.

min·is 1. Something that is distinctively smaller than other members of its type or class. 2. Nini, a swallow thought to be a kite, was blamed for the "kite city" of Weifang T195 train accident. Nini was also believed to be a locust, and associated with a locust plague that infested Inner Mongolia in June 2008.

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Kvalitet: Osäker. Referens: Anonym  Engelska. what is the meaning of the name seif. Senast uppdaterad: 2019-10-12. Användningsfrekvens: 1. Kvalitet: Osäker. Referens: Anonym  PDF | The Berkeley Transcription System (BTS) has been designed for the transcription of sign language videotapes at the level of meaning  @sweden share a funny (but un-translatable) popular Swedish saying and its meaning pls!


Nini Name Meaning in Italian, Nome Nini significati in italiano - Trova origine ragazzi e ragazze con nomi significati in, Nini significato e la definizione italiana con numero fortunato di Nini. un posto migliore per trovare i significati dei nomi precisi.

7 Aug 2019 lesyeuxdenini means 'les yeux' is “the eyes” & 'de nini' means “of nini” SO it's = “ the eyes of nini” plus her bio says "A story that eye (I)  Check 'nini' translations into English. Look through examples of nini translation in sentences, listen to pronunciation and learn grammar. Nini. Define; Relate; List; Discuss; See; Hear; unLove.

My Library. Nic NiniCard Making 37 Insanely Clever Logos With Hidden Meanings Possibly. Creative Logo While we're at it : meaning of the French Flag.

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Nini meaning

Need to translate "unafanya nini?" from Swahili?
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Nini meaning

na adjective, no adjective. any; arbitrary; optional; discretion; non-specific; unspecified; free will. Add to ▽  8 Sep 2012 Mexican Slang and proverbs, Meaning of Nini, Spanish Translation, Definitions, Spanish Slang Dictionary, Nini means. Name meaning for Ninì (Nini) with description, pronunciation for Ninì (Nini) and origin of the given name.

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is a sweet,loyal,beautiful,wordy,real and valuable person! Dam i wish i had a girlfriend/best friend like her.

Meaning of Nini. To Accomplish; Stone; Old Woman; Porcupine; Pure; Virginal.